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Caribbean Shopping: Top Islands For The Best Experience

The Caribbean is well known for its fabulous beaches, beautiful visitors and luxurious dining. More recently, it has made a name for itself on the Caribbean shopping circuit as well!

Caribbean shopping is great – not only because you get to shop in the sun and exotic weather, but also due to the wide range of islands and shopping options available!

This exotic paradise has a style to please every shopper, and in this article we explore our two favourite island destinations for Caribbean shopping: St. Barths and Anguilla!

Caribbean Shopping: Duty-Free Luxury In St. Barths

This island has been blessed with the status of duty-free port, which has created a luxury shopping mecca on St. Barths. With over 200 stores, there is something for every discerning shopper. Conveniently located across from the airport, The La Savane centre has many duty free shops waiting for you.

Gustavia is the most popular centre, with its three main streets (Quai de la Republique, Rue du Roi Oscar II, and Rue du General de Gaulle) literally packed with designer stores. Less crowded but perhaps more unique, the town of St. Jean has many little shops and boutiques scattered around.

Caribbean Shopping: St. Barths' Duty Free Luxury

St. Barths’ Must-Shop Stores

Quai de la Republique in Gustavia has all of the top brands, including Chopard, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, and Cartier. Less well-known but equally fabulous brands are also available. You can also find Stephane & Bernard and Human Steps on the same street, two shops that are very highly rated by Conde Nast.

St. Barths Shopping

Caribbean Shopping: Hidden Gems Await In Anguilla

While the island lacks duty free areas that make its neighbouring islands so attractive to avid shoppers, this is often a blessing in disguise. Because the tax status makes the island less of a shopping attraction, the shops do not get as much traffic.

Less crowded shops mean a haven for those seeking unique and one-of-a-kind items that no one else will have. The stores are not overrun with shoppers, and friends at home will never have an identical top like the unique one you got from beautiful Anguilla.

As described by one of Anguilla’s premier lifestyle websites, Anguilla shopping is “sort of like tripping over unexpected gems, rather than trekking from one well-merchandised store to another.”

Caribbean Shopping: Anguilla's Hidden Gems

Anguilla’s Must-Shop Stores

The island possesses some of the most interesting, unique, and special stores in all of the Caribbean. Once one of these unknown but amazing shops is discovered, shoppers turn into long term aficionados.

Irie Life is one of these hidden gems. Recommended both by Anguilla’s premier lifestyle website and also by the Caribbean Journal, Irie Life has nautical island wear, swimwear, and tops, and is tucked away down a hidden path. It even has free views of Sandy Ground Harbour, adding to your overall Caribbean shopping experience!

Anguilla has many more unique shopping options. Limin Boutique is another well-reviewed beachy shop, with handmade souvenirs and raved-about clutches. Zazaa is not to be missed for beachwear, and the same goes for Bijoux Boutique. For art and sculptures, the best choices are either Cheddie’s or Lynne’s Gallery.

Anguilla Shopping

Get Caribbean Shopping!

Whether seeking luxury in St. Barths, or unique and extraordinary finds in Anguilla, we can help get you there in comfort and style!

When you fly by charter with us you save valuable time and energy (which may as well be used shopping!), all while traveling on your own schedule and on your own terms. For the full list of charter advantages, please take a look over our complete Caribbean charter guide.

By choosing to fly with either one of our St. Barths charter flights or Anguilla charter flights, you leave it with us to make sure you get there quickly and safely, in the most fun way there is. You can get a quick quote today, or contact us here for more information. Our travel experts will respond promptly, and will be happy to help!

Image sources: Lexi’s Blog, Zimbio, Carib Soul Trek, Anguilla BeachesCaribbean Shopping

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