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Top 7 Caribbean Souvenirs – Bring The Islands Home With You

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While your vacation may seem to end far too soon, there are many ways to bring a piece of your favourite islands back home with you Caribbean Souvenirs!

From hot pepper sauces as spicy as the island itself, to luxuriously scented creams or memorable t-shirts, the top Caribbean souvenirs will help ensure your vacation is never forgotten!

In this article, we explore the very best Caribbean souvenirs that you should consider for 7 of our favourite island destinations! Without further ado, let’s get started!

Caribbean Souvenirs

1. St. Caribbean Souvenir – Ligne St. Barths

Ligne St. Barth is the signature scent on the island, and a must-have Caribbean souvenir. A St. Barths exclusive, the cream and skincare line was created by the Brins family, residents of St. Barths since the 17th century.

A unique blend of native Caribbean extracts of fruit and flowers, the creams also include naturally insect-repellent oils from the roucou tree. The creams are the perfect blend of Caribbean flavour and French recipes, so much like the island of St. Barths itself.

St. Barths Souvenir

2. Anguilla Souvenir – Scented Creams & Lotion

Anguilla’s Caribbean Soaps and Sundries offers authentically scented creams and increasingly popular lotion bars – an awesome way keep your skin smooth while beating the minimalistic 3oz rule for your carry-on that would normally ban lotions to your checked bag.

A wide range of Caribbean inspired scents will keep you busy trying new flavours, including mango, and frangipani.

3. Nevis Souvenir – Hot Pepper Sauce

Considered one of the major hot pepper sauce capitals of the Caribbean, the hot sauce artisans of Nevis brew up potent pepper combos. Verna’s Hot Pepper Sauce and Mom’s Pepper Sauce are two of the most popular, made with locally grown peppers and sold throughout the island at most supermarkets.

Taking home a bottle of hot sauce is like taking home a piece of Nevis with you, and is another must-have Caribbean souvenir.

Nevis Souvenir

4. St. Kitts Souvenir – Caribbean Rum

Brinley Gold Shipwreck rum is the ultimate Caribbean-infused liquor. With flavours like vanilla, coffee, mango, orange, clove, and coconut, the 72 proof rum is a taste of the Caribbean that can be brought back home with you.

The rum is a small, family-owned and island-produced endeavour, named for a British ship that sank off the coast in the 1700s.

5. Grenada Souvenir – Dried Spices

Outstanding spices are grown, dried, and produced on Grenada – to be exported all over the world. The open-air market (especially on Saturdays) is the prime place to select your own spices to bring home a taste of the island with you directly.

Whether you choose dried spices for cooking, spice-infused soap, or even jewellery created from the seeds and leaves of spice – every choice is at your fingertips.

Grenada Souvenir

6. Virgin Gorda Souvenir – Saba Rock Gift Shop

If you are seeking to remember your time in Virgin Gorda, there’s no better way than with some ancient coins and shipwreck memorabilia, which can be purchased at the Saba Rock Nautical Gift Shop in north-eastern Virgin Gorda.

The shop’s professional diver, Bert Kilbride, has dove at over 100 shipwrecks around Virgin Gorda and the British Virgin islands, and offers a vast
selection of memorable shipwreck souvenir coins.

7. Mustique Souvenir – Basil Bar T-Shirt

A Mustique institution of longstanding popularity and fame, Basil’s is not to be missed, nor forgotten.

Not your typical souvenir t-shirt, the Basil Bar t-shirt is a colourful, one-of-a-kind Mustique creation, designed specifically for Basil by the Parisian Haute Couture designer, Jean Charles Castelbajac.

Mustique Souvenir

What’s Your Favourite Caribbean Souvenir?

We hope we whet your shopping appetite for some exotic fun souvenir hunting in the Caribbean! If so, know that we’re always here to help whenever you’ll be looking to fly smart in the Caribbean!

For any questions or queries, our Caribbean travel experts are only one message or call away (click here to contact us at any time). We always respond promptly, and will be happy to help you make your best Caribbean vacation a reality!


Images sources and special thanks: Panamerican, Savoy, Creativepool, MLS, NJ ChartersCaribbean Souvenirs

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