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Top 9 Celebrities In Anguilla. #2 Even Sang About It!

St. Barths has long been known as a celebrity hotspot for those who want to “see and be seen.” However for a while now Celebrities In Anguilla (in many ways similar to St. Barths) has been flying under the radar as THE place where Celebrities In Anguilla and A-listers go to relax and escape the paparazzi.

Recently more and more reports of sightings have leaked out of this largely press-free paradise island, and Anguilla is quickly becoming the top place to run into celebrities on a low-key vacation.

That said, let’s get started with our top 9 celebrities who love Anguilla!

Celebrities In Anguilla

Top 9 Celebrities In Anguilla

1. Paris Hilton

The reality TV star calls Anguilla her “secret island,” and kept her location a true secret until after she’d already left.

She stayed at Cap Juluca with her boyfriend and friends, and dined out, went dancing, and hung out around town in true Anguilla-chill style – sans bodyguard or extensive entourage.

2. Justin Timberlake

The famous singer loves Anguilla so much he even incorporated a line into one of his most popular songs.

A line in “My Love” goes “But forget your face, I swear I will, St. Barths, Anguilla anywhere I chill.” Obviously, Anguilla itself is unforgettable.

3. Liam Neeson

The renowned actor has been coming to Anguilla for years, at first with his beloved wife Natasha. After she tragically passed away, Liam has still returned with friends and family.

He usually stays at Cap Juluca, eats out at the Straw Hat, and manages to visit the Trattoria Tramonto at least once (a regular celebrity favorite).

Liam Neeson Cap Juluca

4. Beyonce and Jay-Z

The power couple first started coming to Anguilla when they were just dating.

While their stay was kept super private (no one knows which hotel they used), they were seen taking boat tours of the island, strolling along beach, and sipping drinks – along with meeting up with pal Denzel (see below)!

5. Denzel Washington

A regular visitor to Anguilla, this A-list actor decided to become a more permanent guest, when he bought a spectacular “celebrity” seafront villa on Shoal Bay West next to a Canadian billionaire and other unnamed ultra-rich.

Denzel Washington Shoal Bay West

6. Sandra Bullock

The popular actress and friends stayed at the Viceroy, and took full advantage of the luxurious services.

Sandra stayed at a private villa, had dinners at Viceroy’s signature restaurant, and spent the days playing in the pool with baby Louis.

7. Leonardo DiCaprio

This heart throb’s visit caused serious excitement throughout the island when he visited on the yacht named Seven Seas. Actually Steven Spielberg’s luxury boat, Leo borrowed it to visit Anguilla with his girlfriend and a crew of friends.

He was spotted visiting Prickly Pear and Sandy Island, and his girlfriend later uploaded Instagram pics for all to see.

Leonardo DiCaprio Prickly Pear

8. Paul McCartney

Another regular visitor to Anguilla, the famous singer arrives via his private jet with his girlfriend, and enjoys strolling the beautiful beaches from the Exclusivity Villa.

Paul McCartney Exclusivity Villa

9. Michael Jordan

The basketball legend stays at the celeb-popular Viceroy. He enjoys riding bikes with friends and smokes cigars (sometimes at the same time, and sometimes in the company of fellow talents 50 Cent and Derek Jeter).

Michael Jordan Viceroy

Celebrities Who Love Celebrities In Anguilla

Who is your favourite celebrity who visited Anguilla? Are they on our list? Let us know by tweeting us @caribbcharter!

We also hope we managed to pique your interest for Celebrity sightings in the Caribbean! If so, know that we’re always here to help whenever you’ll be looking to fly smart in the Caribbean!

For any questions or queries, our Caribbean travel experts will always be just one message or call away (click here to contact us). We always respond promptly, and will be happy to help transform your dream Caribbean vacation into a reality!


Images sources and special thanks: AAV Explorations, Cap Juluca, Good Taste, Viceroy, Design Anguilla, Luxury RetreatsCelebrities In Anguilla

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