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6 Best Nevis Beach Bars. #2 Is Known For Their Secret Cocktail

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Nevis is known for its small size, relaxed atmosphere, and top notch service. While it isn’t as famous for Best Nevis beach bars as Anguilla, or for amazing bar sceneries like Virgin Gorda, Nevis still has a lot going on.

By far the most hopping little strip on all of Nevis, Pinney’s Beach offers up a lion’s share of amazing beach bars. In fact, this part of Nevis offers up the largest concentration of bars in the whole Caribbean, per capita.

Regardless of where a Nevis bar is located, every one of them have something in common: comfort. Nevisian beach bars are simple and easy, where every honorary Nevisian and tourist alike is welcomed with open arms and a strong, secret recipe rum punch.

Nevis Beach Bars

6 Best Nevis Beach Bars

In no particular order, here are our 6 favourite Nevis beach bars that we recommend you never leave this island without visiting!

1. Sunshine’s Restaurant

Without a doubt the most well-known bar on Nevis, Sunshine’s Restaurant is a must-see. Sunshine himself has become a local celebrity, and the bar is a definite Nevis icon with good vibes and a friendly atmosphere.

Sunshine’s Killer Bee (a secret recipe cocktail) is also iconic, and a world famous version of the Caribbean rum punch. If you need something a bit more substantial, Sunshine’s beach lounge offers fresh grilled lobster, chicken wings, shrimp, and ribs.

Sunshine's Restaurant Nevis

2. Double Deuce Bar

Also located on the famous Pinney’s Beach strip, the Double Deuce is close to Charlestown and a true family institution. Run by owner Lyndeta’s family and friends, children are welcome.

For the adults of the group, the Double Deuce offers the Stinger, a stiff answer to the cocktail battle raging between the Pinney’s Beach bars.

3. Lime

The confirmed music centre of Pinney’s Beach, and Nevis in general, Lime is both fun and funky!

Lime’s “Green Flash” drink is sure to get you dancing. Named for the moment just before dusk when the sun glances off the edge of the ocean, the Green Flash is both strong and tasty.

Lime Beach Bar

4. Turtle Time Beach Bar and Grill

Also located on Pinney’s Beach, Turtle Time is known as much for its delicious food as it is for its drinks. The staff is top notch and fun, serving up fusion Caribbean fare and old favourites.

5. Oualie Beach Restaurant

Breaking away from the usual, Oualie Beach Restaurant and Bar is not located on Pinney’s Beach. Proudly sitting on Oualie Beach instead, which the guys at the bar claim to be the best beach in all of Nevis, this bar is famous for its laidback atmosphere.

Open throughout the day and for all of the meals, it is most busy at lunch – when thirsty beach tourists swarm in droves. You can escape the sun in the shade of huge trees, and sit back to watch the crowds roll in while sipping a rum punch!

Oualie Beach Bar

6. Sea Breeze

Located at Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, Sea Breeze is a fun beach bar perfect for a casual lunch or snacks.

Decorated with colourful windsurfing sails, the open-air bar and restaurant is the perfect place to chill while sticking your toes in the sand.

Sea Breeze Nevis

Getting to the Best Nevis Beach Bars

Which Nevis beach bar is your favourite? Did we miss it? Let us know – we’d love to add it on our list!

Are you ready to get your drink on at one of these fun Nevis beach bars? If so, know that we’re always here to help whenever you’ll be looking to fly smart in the Caribbean! We operate Nevis charter flights from a variety of locations, and we’d love to have you on board!

For any questions or queries, our Caribbean travel experts are only one message or call away (please click here to contact us). We always respond promptly, and will be happy to help you make your dream Caribbean vacation a reality!


Image sources and special thanks: Nisbet Nevis, Explore Nevis, Oualie ResortBest Nevis Beach Bars

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