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The 3 Best Caribbean Locations For The Perfect Sunset

There are few more relaxing ways to say goodbye to a great day in the Caribbean than by enjoying the perfect sunset – and there are plenty of places to do that in here. Combine the serenity of a beautiful sunset like nowhere else with the perfect location, and you have a recipe for some of the best holiday memories you’ll ever have.

If you’re not convinced, take a look at any of the myriad of holiday photos people post to social media. Clearly, perfect sunsets are a high point of the ideal trip – and with the ideal weather we have, many of these kinds of memories await you. Here are a few of the top Caribbean sunset spots that visitors like most.

1. Perfect Sunset at St. Barths

Hands down, the best place to view the sunset on St. Barths, according to visitors, is Shell Beach. Located right off the island’s main harbour of Gustavia, Shell Beach offers sunset views that are Hollywood worthy. The variety of places only adds up as a bonus. You can watch the sun disappear behind the island of Saba from the beach itself, or you can enjoy the view whilst sipping your favourite island concoction at Dõ Brazil. They mix some of the most unique cocktails you will find anywhere on the island, all reasonably priced, and served against a backdrop of some great local reggae.

If you’re already on the beach, then why not enjoy a nighttime swim before dinner, too? The placid waters of Shell Beach make for one of the best swimming spots on the island. Moreover, what could be better than a romantic dip while the sun sets?

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2. Virgin Gorda

With its perfect location and uninterrupted view, Fischer’s Cove Beach is a favourite spot on Virgin Gorda. For the ultimate sunset experience, you can book a room at the Fischer’s Cove Beach Hotel and stroll the quarter mile of pristine white sand beach whilst taking in the sunset over Sir Francis Drakes Channel.

The hotel features a lovely restaurant and bar that also overlooks the water, providing stunning views of the channel with the added benefit of an elegant meal and a tasty island cocktail to enhance the mood.

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3. Perfect Sunset at Mustique

A list of perfect Caribbean sunsets would not be complete without a mention of Basil’s Bar on Mustique. Located right on the beach, Basil’s is the top-ranked night spot on the island – but it is also the best place to view the perfect sunset, according to visitor ratings. Stroll the beach as the sun goes down, then tuck in at Basil’s for a fun, unpretentious night of great island food, drinks and good time.

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The Perfect Caribbean Sunset Awaits You

Let us take care of the transportation part of your holiday. We offer great fares to and from St. Barths, Virgin Gorda and Mustique (among others). Quickly drop us a message or call with any questions or queries you may have, and let us fly you there fun, quick and safe. Our charter flights are the best way to begin the next most memorable holiday of your life.

Image sources: Entouriste, Brian Siegel, Cherry Picks

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