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Virgin Gorda Must Do’s: Beyond Crystal Clear Waters And Emerald Green Views

The island of Virgin Gorda is one of our favourites – with stunning crystal waters, a gorgeous blue skyline and emerald green views. From the tranquility and lively excitement, the island of Virgin Gorda is a special place to vacation – and the ideal holiday spot to come see for yourself!

The third-largest island in the Caribbean, Virgin Gorda has to offer not only soft and sugar-like beaches during your holiday stay, but a wealth of pastimes and activities that will amaze and delight you. We explore only some of these, as well as our favourite locations, in this article – keep reading!

The Baths

You can’t miss the natural wonders in The Baths. Referred to as the “Stonehenge of the Caribbean,” this popular tourist destination has incredible sights. Visit The Baths with its national park and excessive granite boulders while you’re on the island – it’s a must!

Volcanic rocks from a million years ago create grottoes in a sequence of small coves where you can swim in the crystal clear pools. Taking a hike through the “Caves” up to Devil’s Bay will allow you to enjoy countless breath-taking views, and will make for a great way to wrap up a “busy” day of exploring and sun-bathing.

Virgin Gorda The Baths

Spanish Town

Virgin Gorda is known as a sailor’s paradise. With fleets of moored yachts up and down the coast, this peaceful island is an epicentre for things to see and do.

Spanish Town is famous for Yacht Harbour where parked yachts taxi tourists, allowing you to enjoy the bustling businesses that streak the peaceful island. Exciting activities in this town include snorkelling amidst the forest of coral where abundant arrays of fishes make their home.

Virgin Gorda Spanish Town

North Sound

The North Sound has a little something for everyone, with secluded shorelines that are peppered with quaint towns. You’ll find marinas along this stretch of land, as well as beaches to soak up the sun.

Its natural geography makes North Sound the perfect place for hiking, biking, and daytime walking. This charming setting is full of activities to help make sure you won’t have one moment to be bored – or even think about what to do next. When you’re here, you simply know.

Virgin Gorda North Sound

Bitter End Yacht Club

For a more adventurous stay in the Caribbean, try the Bitter End Yacht Club – the spot where a wealth of unique activities awaits. From sailing the clear waters during the day, to snorkeling among the coral reefs, there is something here for every member of the family to enjoy.

Have a go at the exhilarating sport of kiteboarding. Akin to windsurfing, kiteboarding will turn the serene backdrop of the gorgeous Caribbean setting into an exciting adventure. Take in the sites amongst the pristine emerald outlooks and enjoy the soft beaches. Watch an exciting sunset regatta, or try your hand at water sports.

Virgin Gorda Bitter End Yacht Club

Experience Virgin Gorda The Right Way

A Virgin Gorda holiday is sure to leave you with a big enough supply of emotion-filled memories and stories to tell for years and years to come.

Planning your trip is easy – and we make it even easier by making sure you get there quickly and safely, on your own terms. Our Virgin Gorda charter flights are the easiest, most fun way to get there and start exploring before you even land on the island. Contact us today, and our experts will promptly respond to any questions or queries you may have. See you on Virgin Gorda!


Image sources: Dive BVI, Bitter End Yacht Club, Knight Frank, Planetware


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