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Cruising Anguilla: The Quick Guide To Your Dream Caribbean Holiday

A popular destination island in the northerly part of the Caribbean Holiday, Anguilla is the lap of adventure and luxury – unrivalled when it comes to bright sun, beautiful beaches, turquoise-blue waters, and world-class golfingCaribbean Holiday.

There are many things to do on this much sought-after holiday destination, and with the help of this quick guide you’re guaranteed to make the most of it.

From the adventure of making acquaintance with the coral reefs through snorkelling, and all the way to laid-back walks along the powdery beaches, Anguilla has something to offer that will fit the taste and preference of every member of your family or group.

Anguilla Guide: Villa Beach View

Snorkelling Anguilla’s Caribbean Holiday,

Snorkelling Anguilla’s Caribbean Holiday,

The 33 powder-white beaches of Anguilla aren’t just for leisure! There are a myriad of exciting activities for you to enjoy here. To begin with, you should cruise the island and explore its magnificent sand bars – this will make for an exciting adventure to whet your appetite once you land here.

In the subsequent days of your trip, make a plan to explore the underwater caves of Prickly Pear Cay.

This adventure will take you diving into the serene Caribbean Sea to explore sunken ships from times past, discover breath-taking natural rock formations, and make acquaintance with a wealth of sea life including the brain corals, parrot fish, sergeant majors and blue tangs that have made this part of the sea their home.

Another must visit spot is the Scilly Cay – especially when you’re hungry! Locals serve a wide variety of seafood on the beach, including crayfish and lobster so fresh that you’ll feel as if you’ve fished the brilliant Caribbean ocean yourself.

Many tourists describe the Anguilla snorkelling experience as “spectacular” and unlike anything else. This makes it a must-try while you’re here. You’ll experience one of the most unique snorkelling days of your life. But don’t take our word for it! You have to experience it yourself.

Anguilla Guide: Snorkelling Caribbean Holiday

Fishing Your Worries Away

One of the best ways to experience Anguilla is by sea. Spend the day on top of the deepest-blue waters in a boat, and take the whole day off for fishing. Underneath the serene ocean waves is a world of sea life waiting for you – all you’ll need to answer the call is a fishing permit that you can buy from the Department of Fisheries and Marine Services (around $30 the last time we checked).

If going out on a boat is not your thing, you can still throw a few lines into the shallow waters from one of the island’s beaches. Make sure to get a feel for your lucky spot first – we’re rooting for you!

The wide array of fish life that you’ll find depends on the spot you choose, with big and small catches alike – including barracudas, sailfish, kingfish, and even marlins!

Anguilla Guide: Fishing Boats On Sea

Anguilla Diving

No Caribbean vacation is complete without a few dives into the azure ocean. You’ll find great adventure with a dip under the surf. For an experience like no other, we recommend night diving.

Arrange for a scuba dive and watch large sea turtles as they collect small fishes while they pass by right in front of you. Swim through the striking underwater valleys with ridges where far and wide views of the ocean will surround you from every angle.

Find the landmark Spanish shipwreck that sank in the waters of Anguilla in 1772, and taste a culturally rich piece of history. Historical artefacts (including the ship’s cannons and anchors) are still in place, waiting for you to explore everything first-hand.

Anguilla Guide: Spanish Shipwreck

Are You Ready?

Here is our extended invitation to come and cruise the pristine island of Anguilla in style with us this summer, by joining us in one of our Caribbean charter flights.

Plan your ideal vacation and come claim your lifetime’s worth of unique memories – all on your own terms and schedule when you let us take care of your flying needs.

There’s no need to wait for the adventure and relaxation of the Caribbean. You can make planning your trip a breeze. Contact our specialists today with any questions or queries you may have, and let’s start planning the holiday of your lifetime!


Image sources: Zemi Beach, Pinterest, Wikipedia, PlanetwareCaribbean Holiday

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