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Epicurean Tour: Top 3 Restaurants In Anguilla

Anguilla’s restaurants are impressive not only in number, but in variety as well. A true paradise for any food lover Restaurants In Anguilla, the small island (91 square kilometres) hosts around 70 restaurants, each with its own set of reasons to love.

While some Anguilla restaurants specialize in Caribbean-style dining, others focus on making the best classic food possible. While some distinguish themselves by offering normally poisonous fish for consumption (see Straw Hat below), others stand out simply because they’re located on the beach.

Whatever you normally love in your ideal restaurant we’re certain you’ll find somewhere on Anguilla. In this article, we’ll highlight our top 3 Anguilla restaurant picks – the absolute must-visits for during your vacation on this beautiful island.

Anguilla Dining

1. Straw Hat Restaurants In Anguilla

Located on the beach in the magnificent Meads Bay, Straw Hat is definitely up there with the restaurants we most look forward to having dinner at in Anguilla. The sea view is simply amazing, with the sound of crashing waves there to complement and entertain tourists from all around.

But not all ends with dinner. Having breakfast on the beach at Straw Hat is our favourite way of starting a new exotic day on a still quiet beach, the setting just perfect for charging up with all the energy you’ll need to start the new day fresh.

Our recommended dish that you should definitely experience here is, without a doubt, Chef Nick’s Lionfish Ceviche.

Lionfish is a venomous species that has recently invaded Caribbean waters. The good part? The fish is edible, its meat tender and sweet like a barracuda’s. A delicious treat with a twist that makes it different from what you normally eat, Lionfish is a must-try during your Anguilla stay!

Restaurants In Anguilla: Straw Hat

2. The Place Restaurants In Anguilla

During daytime, The Place of Rendezvous Bay (one of the island’s best beaches) is truly THE place to be if tranquillity on the beach is what you seek. Serving fresh fish, salads, sandwiches, and daily specials (all in a beautiful setting) makes this place ideal for spending an afternoon.

You can always sit in a couch under a palm tree sipping from your coconut while you wait for the meal to be ready, which transforms the whole experience into pure pleasure.

The Place is ideal for late evenings too, with flat screen TVs there for keeping up with sports and events. Often times there will also be a party organized during big global events such as The Super Bowl, which you shouldn’t miss!

As far as food and drinks, the Rum Punch is a must try. Couple it with your favourite fish food that you’ll find on the menu, and you’ll have a winner for sure. Don’t take our word for it – try The Place during your next visit, and tell us what you thought!

Restaurants In Anguilla: The Place

3. Zara’s

A seafood restaurant focusing mostly on fresh Caribbean-style dishes, Zara’s is probably one of the most underrated restaurants in Anguilla. The reason is probably the fact that it is located near the Allamanda Beach Club hotel – not necessarily the most crowded of island spots.

With a very laid-back approach, the restaurant’s back door entrance goes through a tidy kitchen that will improve your evening with mesmerizing aromas. Tou’ll even get to see your meal being cooked, if so desired!

Zara’s is not your most fancy of Anguilla dining options. But the amazing food here secures it a top spot on our list!

Our recommended dish is Chef Shamash’s Garlic Crusted Snapper – commonly regarded as one of the best entrees available on the island, and a must-try during your stay!

Restaurants In Anguilla: Zara's

Indulgent Dining In Anguilla

Anguilla is a popular tax haven, and an amazing tourist destination with endless fun and relaxation to offer. If you’ve made the choice to visit, then congratulations! You have a unique exotic holiday waiting for you. We hope you’ll visit our recommended Anguilla restaurants, and then come back to let us know!

For getting there, we recommend you try one of our flights from Antigua to Anguilla. They are the easiest, most convenient and most fun way to start your Anguilla vacation – and you’ll have our team of Caribbean travel experts near you for qualified advice.

If you have any other questions regarding your Caribbean vacation, please feel free to give us a call or write us a message. We always respond promptly!


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