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Virgin Gorda: Top Spots For Indulgent Dining

Virgin Gorda has a dubious name, but a reputation for some of the best food in the Caribbean. Virgin Gorda is the third largest of the British Virgin Islands and it has the second highest population. The name is believed to originate with Christopher Columbus. As the story goes, Columbus was looking over the horizon of the island and saw a mass of land he thought looked like a large, curvaceous woman lying on her side. Maybe that is why the island is so temping and draws so many people in the first place.

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Virgin Gorda Bars: Top 7 Locations You Mustn’t Miss

Our list of the best Virgin Gorda bars will provide you with plenty of island locations where you can just relax, sip from a coconut and just listen to the Sea (or to your thoughts) for those moments when you’re looking for a break – or just feeling thirsty!

There are many awesome Virgin Gorda bars, however your very own favourite will likely boil down to two things: your personal taste, and your location on the island during your stay.

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